Hi, I'm Vitalis Essala, author, speaker, and a life& spiritual coach.

ABOUT Vitalis

Hi, I'm Vitalis, your confidence coach. I've been helping amazing people like you for the past 12 years. I will help you pray fervently well and expose yourself to the Holy Spirit constantly. Here's my "why."  

My life is just a chain of miracles. Going from a uncertain stage-four cancer to being totaly whole again just shows me that God has a higher Mission for me to you.

So I purposed to be that person that exposes others to the unmatchable power of God every day. I've helped scores of people - both beginners and advanced intercessors alike - regain their spiritual strength, vitality of the soul, and put on their spiritual armor for the controversy that exists between the children of God and the throngs of the enemy.

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, online programs, video conferences, webinars, online courses, home-based study programs, and written content, I've been fortunate enough to connect with unbelievable people across the globe.  

And the journey is only beginning...

Through Praying House Ministries, I intend to show you how privileged we are to have access to the Lord without any middle-man nor angelic intermediarieds.

My services are most effective for peopl who are one or more of the following:  

  • Want to experience a higher level of relationship with God in prayer 
  • Want more involvement in he ministry of intercession and church leadership
  • Are feeling spiritually empty and may or may not know why
  • Want to exercise their spritual gifts and feel the presence of God by them 



This program is designed to unwrap your blessings and place them at your disposal, so you can enjoy every promise of the Lord for your life.

We'll unpack everything in your personal and life from goals and dreams and show you how to bring them before God. This program is designed to bring you to the deepest understanding of God's unfailing love for you and show you how you can benefit from it fully.

Sadly, most Christians live trapped in the lies of the devil, and sleep right on top of their bags of blessings unknowingly. It should not be so.

For 5 weeks, or sooner, you'll go on a reflective and reformative journey that will completely revolutionize how you interact with God and take advantage of your identity as a child of God. 


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Prayer is undeniably one of the most powerful weapons of a Christian. It completely transforms and amplifies lives and the course of things.

If you don't know how to pray, or you don't now if or how God answers prayers, then seek no more...

This program is designed for the person who is tired of waiting for circumstances to be favorable. It is for you who want to partner with God and chance entire avalanches of things.

Whether you're a beginner or in an advanced prayer warrior (intercessor), Unlock Your Heaven will guide you to a deeper understanding of the power of prayer. This 4-week course walks you through every step of the process from understanding the legal-spiritual language of the Bible about prayer.


Download this FREE 48-minute audio you can listen to as you commute to work and learn 9 ways to listen to God.



Work with the coach who has helped people all over the globe grow in grace and taste God's mercies.



Contact me at any time if you have questions about my services or want to schedule an introductory session. I'm excited to hear from you!


The days are short. The battle against the evil one is fiercer every day. Prayer is the weapon to have handy at all time. Learn now how to pray fervently well and expose yourself to the Holy Spirit constantly.